On Monday, REVERB, a non-profit focused on making music tours more environmentally sustainable, launched 2013’s “Last Summer on Earth” tour at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, Texas. The tour features Barenaked Ladies, Guster, and Ben Folds Five. Each of the concert venues will include an interactive and educational “Eco-Village” with tents where music fans can learn about ways to protect the environment and fight climate disruption. One of the issues that concert-goers can learn about is the risks of illegal logging and the importance the Lacey Act, a century-old piece of legislation that prohibits trade in illegally harvested timber.

“As musicians, it’s important for us to know where the wood in our guitars, drumsticks, and other instruments comes from — and whether it got here legally,” said Adam Gardner, guitarist and vocalist of the band Guster and co-founder of REVERB. “Our music is meant to bring people together, and that includes everyone from our fans who listen to our music to the workers who made our instruments to the communities who live in the forests where the wood comes from.”

Any organization that is serious about getting into consumers’ minds and hearts will need to consider promotional marketing. Even a non-profit ones like REVERB ,which carries a message across to music fans, needs event agency that will help to improve the perception and interaction with attendees. Well organized events can change business performance and promote its approach on how it can change lives: from the way people shop, party, manage concerts etc. REVERB comes from a very good angle targeting people via big events.

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