The forthcoming, fan-funded, full- length album from Stacie Rose is her most personal material yet and features songs written while pregnant with her son Miles and in the months following his birth.

Stacie had been drawn to the Stars in and around her pregnancy. Always looking up, grateful, embracing the wonder and finding it possible to wish without fear. She would gaze at the constellations, which seemed to bring the pieces of life together in some comic way. And then her little shooting star was born and her universe really came alive. The Stripes are something Rose felt she had earned for some of the recent bouts with turmoil she had endured privately. They made her stronger, fueled many songs and could be worn on her soul like a badge of honor. The Milestones are for the miles and roads traveled to get to this very juncture, and appreciation of this moment in time. There is this intense desire to make music, as there is something new and inspiring to sing about!

Her son happened to be born on Flag Day, and the first song Stacie ever sung before an audience (at age 4) was You’re a Grand Old Flag, which helped shape the title Stars, Stripes and Milestones…

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