Valaska, aka Dave Valdez, has released his first video single for “In Voids” today on Absolutepunk.net. The video is the first of three tracks to premiere on the site so check back each Monday for the next installment! This video series was shot at the band’s practice space in Chicago during a late night jam session.   Valaska’s Natural Habitat, released on 4/9, was co-produced by Copeland’s Aaron Marsh at The Vanguard Room in Lakeland, FL. The record represents the end of two separate relationships, one messy and one amicable. The duality is embodied by the division of the album’s production styles, having half the record done completely DIY and the other half in a well known studio with a great producer in Aaron Marsh. “In Voids” is the perfect song to introduce the beautiful vision of singer/songwriter Dave Valdez.


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