Afterthem – Time Is Fun When You’re Having Flies


Afterthem, headed by Dave George, is a five-piece outfit of Jersey funksters who have put forth the album Time Is Fun When You’re Having Flies.

The beginning of the track “Hunny Bunny Two” sounds like a funked out version of the intro ditty to Law n’ Order episodes. The snappy bass guitar is the highlight of this song. I can’t remember the last time a song was so dominated by a good bass line. Maybe Motley Crue’s “Rock n’ Roll Junkie”?

The track “Starlight Scope” is definitely out there. Makes me think of the naturally growing South American hallucinogen, yagé, which reportedly makes LSD seem like “bubble gum.”

“Has Been Deleted” nearly got ignored because of its title. But, no, it is actually a functioning musical file. And I also discerned a few lyrics: “Two days ago I smoked.” Bro, I believe you. There is an irrepressible narcotic vibe about all of this. In this song, the vocals are rather similar to those of Tom Waits. Some background guitar often buzzes into the foreground. It can get pretty innovative.

There is an outstanding percussion riff that takes effect about 1 minute into the track “Got the Sev On.”

“Spankology” should’ve been my major in college. In this current context, it’s a strange and lively tune with great bass work and an occasionally fine bit of six-string.

On “New Order” the bass strings drop like balls on a rollercoaster. Methinks there’s a hint of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

On the title track, there is more than a hint of RHCP. Additionally, I think Flea wouldn’t mind lifting the bass track for his own devices. The vocals work well here as well. In fact, this song is altogether sound track worthy.

The second half of “Voices” is an interesting change of pace. The title is rather apt, though one well might add the adjective of “delusional.” Sounds like the sonic equivalent to the sort of insanity in which the patient is too far gone to feel any pain.

There’s such fine bass guitar work throughout this album, I was somewhat hoping there’d be an extended solo, Cliff Burton style.

Afterthem have been described as “quirky.” Much agreed. They sure ain’t poseurs. Many a risk is taken.

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