Rohan Pommels, Valley of Bones


Jamaican native Rohan Pommels has 2+ decades’ experience composing and performing. He has toured as far as Japan, and has written songs used by television programs.

Now comes his Valley of Bones, a finely constructed R&B album of devotion in both the physical and spiritual realms.

The track, “Show Me,” has a soothing background. The lyrics seem somewhat depressed at first. It appears the speaker is having a crisis of the spirit, looking for existential direction.

Soul is something that’s pretty impossible to quantify, but there’s a good amount of it here when Pommels exclaims to the heavens: “Showwww Me.”

[youtube umA5R3r0RqI]

The background vocals are gorgeous. I’m almost tempted to join the chorus, but my voice would probably desecrate the song.
“Lead me, Lead me in a path I need to go.”

The speaker seems to be begging the Almighty to show him his purpose in this world. It’s an issue that would resonate with quite a few people.


The track, “I Wanna Know,” also has a soothing background. However, this track seems more amorous than religious. A comparison to Boyz II Men is a pretty easy one to make; I’m gonna make it anyway.

Though the speaker tells of his “broken heart,” this song seems to retain some optimism. It’s almost as if the force of his passion will see him through to his objective.

Oh dear, there’s something highly sensual to “Something About Your Love,” with that Barry White type o’ whispering at the beginning. I so wish I could whisper like that. However, this song isn’t so much about exulting in one’s cocksmanship. It’s more devotional: “So thankful, baby…I only wanna be with you.”

The track, “Israel,” begins with a rather classical sounding piano score. Rather intriguing. Listeners are advised to pay special attention to 2:21 on this track. I know this sounds very random and specific. But right at that particular moment Pommels’s voice does such a fine job at expressing tragedy. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is where music goes beyond words.

“Israel” narrates the tragic fate of Jesus. Whatever your religious persuasion, this is a truly gorgeous track. Furthermore, it’s compelling to hear lyrics that are sung with such a degree of sincerity.

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