Sam Page, Breach


Sam Page is an interesting character to say the least. He worked as a professor of philosophy for 5 years. Then decided to pursue a life of music and has been hitting the ground running ever since, with his grinding guitars and witty lyrics, he has been stealing the hearts of his fans since 2010.

His first full length CD, Breach, was digitally released in January of 2013 and will be available on CD by March, 20th. His gritty guitars define his sound and wraps around your brain like a blanket. It leaves a warm feeling but, entices excitement at the same time. The music pumps through your veins and gets your pulse jumping and is hooky and addicting.


He does have a softer side, in the tune, Crush (Lovin You), he reveals and exposes his under belly and is one of my personal favorites. But don’t get too lost in his reprieve of rockin’ he soon grabs you again with his signature crunchin’ guitars. By the time all is said and done your left exhausted but satisfied.

Another track, A Little Love, stands out above the rest, he slips in something totally different and is placed most appropriately. It is a very cool vibe that has a calming feeling that comes from the inside out. Then of course starts pulling you back into rock mode. This entire CD is a roller coaster ride, sideways, upside down, inside out and then back again.

Sam Page’s, Breach, should have been called, adrenaline, because it is riddled with it and keeps it flowing from beginning to end. I see Page quickly becoming a household name. Take a break from the everyday grind and have a listen: He approaches his music by letting lose and having fun. The entertainment is contagious to the point that you just can’t help yourself.  

Rating: 5/5

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