Philly based rock band, June Divided, have just released their new video for hit “Secrets” off their debut album, Backbone, on MTV Buzzworthy TODAY, March 5th.   “There’s a few statements about the music industry in ‘Secrets,'” said June Divided lead singer, Melissa Menago about their new video. “Those kinds of statements are in a lot of the songs on our full-length, and we definitely poked some fun at issues we’ve run into in our careers. The music video for ‘Secrets’ is kind of like a follow up to that. If you’ve ever been desperate enough to sacrifice everything in the name of doing what you love, you probably get it.” The band will be heading to Austin for South by Southwest 2013 where they will be playing multiple showcases and are available for interviews! Drawing on post-rock guitar work and undeniable pop rock sensibilities, there is something for fans of Explosions In The Sky to Jimmy Eat World.

Check out their video for “Secrets” on MTV Buzzworthy, here: http://bit.ly/Ys9Gll.

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