Today, she follows a road of her own, a highway she once traveled with John. But, she does not walk it alone. A legion of John Stewart fans or Bloodliners, her close friends and family walk with her. And, as always, John’s spirit is just a dream away. He came to her in a flock of birds in the days following his passing. He still speaks through her in stories and in the very timbre of her voice. She is a cancer survivor who has walked the borderline between life and death. She is still a daydream believer, still a homecoming queen, still the girl swept away by the lonesome troubadour of her youth.

After many hit albums, Buffy is back with more powerful vocals than ever before in her newest CD, “Same Old Heart.” She rides high in her rhythm and gives astonishing takes on classics. This album speaks volumes with the tone of her career. She weaves magic into every song, and leaves you with a great feeling after hearing each take that she demands.

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