The Cat Lady, Rise Up


The Cat Lady has a mystifying sound with her new release, “Rise Up”. She has a subtle, soothing vibration that slithers around in one’s head like a snake. It tickles your senses with enticing intrigue.  

It opens with a burst of horns and a smooth bass line. Then lays the ground work for an emotional ride. Her fingers glide across the bass creating candy for the ears. Then her vocals spill into the air with crisp and concise messages; take a stand, with out fear and hesitation. Then the horns come back and take control of your whole body as you sway back and forth totally relaxed and satisfied.

She sings with dedication and conviction. She means what she says and has the talent to back her visions. It is easy to get lost on the winding roads built with each note of the song. Weaving in and out of our psyches like a race car on a speedway.

The Cat Lady is a force of nature and an undeniable talent. The production is spot on and the band is dedicated to the cause. They play as one entity with authority. They have an epic sensibility that haunts your senses until your left begging for more. There is never a dull moment as it touches every inch of your being. You can find the latest release at Go take a listen and discover what pure passion sounds like.

Rating: 5/5

Rebecca Hosking –

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