The Need2Know newsletter appeals to those of us that need to consume the news quickly and require it to be simplified to the most important “need to know” news so it can be read easily on a smartphone or tablet on the way out the door. By providing a free daily newsletter delivered direct to subscribers’ inboxes each morning, Need2Know aggregates the day’s top headlines into fun and easy-to-digest segments. Divided into pick-and-choose categories like World, Nation, New York City, Politics, Sports and Entertainment, the Need2Know newsletter caters to today’s short and highly selective attention spans while providing the Need2Know info along with witty commentary, and allowing the user to dig deeper into headlines that most interest them. By appealing to generation X’s tastes and interests, Need2Know is making daily news a must-read once again!
To sign up for the free daily email that provides the news, entertainment, sports and other stuff you just “need to know,” visit Need2Know online at http://www.theneed2know.com.


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