Vocalist Ryan Spencer explains, “”Water’ is a song that I wrote about an intense experience I had coming down from ecstasy at a festival. Suki, my ex-girlfriend, created the idea for this video and we decided to call it, ‘Adam in the House of Babes.’  

[youtube njRkmj9l4Z0]

We all brainstormed funny scenarios with Adam (Pressley, producer and other half of Jamaican Queens) that involved him living with all these babes that take care of him as he lounges about in a hazy, smoky, drunken household. A lot of drama came up because Suki and I broke up half way through filming, but everything worked out in the end. Suki and the director found a nice parallel to the song’s lyrics, because just as the effects of ecstasy wear off (which they always do), Adam’s babe-filled dream house turns out to be a terrible nightmare.”


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