What happens when an 11 year old is banned from Facebook twice? Well if you are 11 year old Zach Marks with an I.Q. of 147, who has been nominated for inventor of the year by the Florida Inventors Society, you go out and create your own social network — GromSocial – www.gromsocial.com.  

Zach, who is now 12, is the second oldest of 6 children ranging in ages from 1 to 14.   He hails from Melbourne Beach, Florida from a family known for producing nationally ranked surfers and has caused a bit of a viral wave for himself.   After being banned from Facebook by his father for the second time, Zach asked his mother if it would be alright if he made his own “safe” site for his friends and siblings to use.   After getting permission, Zach borrowed $2,500 from his older brother Luke to create the site.   Four months later when he presented the creation to his father for the first time, his father was so impressed by the level of sophistication that Zach had produced, that the family then rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to get the word out.

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