Starnes&Shah, who got their start as an “unlikely folk band” that “finds common ground in heartfelt acoustic songs” (NPR), are a pair of self-proclaimed “tragically uncool travelers.” Guitarist Dania Abu-Shaheen hails from Lebanon and keyboardist Zilpha Starnes was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Originally formed in Astoria in 2005, Starnes&Shah hightailed it to Boston for a touring stint, then returned to settle in New York.
Listen to “Cardinal Marks”:

Starnes&Shah, “Heartfelt songs” (NPR)
live at Arlene’s Grocery,
Sat., December 15th.
95 Stanton Street
New York, NY

Drawing on influences like Fleetwood Mac and Indigo Girls, Starnes&Shah’s “introspective and influential” (The Noise: Rock Around Boston) blend of styles results in a “rare dynamic that intertwines their vocals into beautiful melodic threads” (Skope Magazine). Behind the melody and harmony, the lyrics are poems that tell the story of where the duo has been and what they’ve seen.

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