A-Wax is releasing the latest video from Pie-Rx Muzik, and the first since the mixtape’s release, “Free Choice.” The video joins A-Wax on a ride through his hometowof, Pittsburgh, California, as he reflects on his past. “I take a lot of my inspiration from the years I spent in prison,” says A-Wax, speaking on stretches he spent behind bars as a young man. “It molded me; it made me what I am today. This song is me talking about coming up in prison, about how it’s our own ‘Free Choices’ that will land us in prison or help keep us out.” Edited and directed by 3rd I View, the video captures the former inmate rejoicing in his freedom in his city. “I’m reflecting as I rap and smoke,” says Wax. “There’s a nice background; it’s a regular day. Kids are out playing, and I’m happy to be free.”

Watch “Free Choice” here:

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