DNAC, Shine on Crazy

A zippy title for a lively album, DNAC’s Shine on Crazy is eminently suitable for the dance floor. Even during those moments when the album is subdued, there lurks the potential for a sonic explosion at the drop of a beat.

With a diverse past encompassing punk rock, piano, percussion, and bass guitar, DNAC has ventured into the world of electronic music. It seems he has found his calling.

Shine on Crazy wastes no time in establishing an energetic tone. The opening track is effervescent with spunk. Background vocals appear, and then soar. Track 2, “I Know You,” provides synthesized drama early, and leads to a compelling electronic progression.

[youtube zT85chVMGhg]

Track 3, the title track, is appropriately so in that it launches quickly. In time, an alluring voice repeatedly grills the listener: “You ready for this?”

Track 4, “It’s Like That,” is a very competent house composition. The ensuing track, “Running to You,” is perhaps the most mysterious offering; it sets a vaguely haunting mood. Track 6, “Are We There Yet,” is a spirited affair.

It is not surprising that DNAC has a background in bass; nasty electronic bass lines guide this album through edgy terrain. Spontaneity is a suitable word for Shine on Crazy, which would make a prime soundtrack for dance floor seduction.

The last third of the nine-track album is devoted to the song “Waiting” in its various editions: radio-friendly, deep & dark, and summer night. The deep & dark version is totally unpredictable, courtesy of a vicious synthesizer. The summer night version is more experimental, wildly so, the sonic equivalent to a strobe light.

About the album as a whole, there’s not a slow track, nor is there a weak track. There is something so utterly urban about DNAC — a Warsaw native — who offers dynamic songs for a dynamic venue…maybe an underground club tucked within the bowels of a bustling metropolis.

DNAC plans to release a new album in March 2013. For now, Shine On Crazy is available at: https://itunes.apple.com/pl/album/shine-on-crazy/id507317558.


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