Air, ‘Le Voyage dans la lune’

Let’s just start by saying that creating an album inspired by French director George Méliès’s silent 1902 film A Trip to the Moon is not every band’s cup of tea. However, the dynamic french duo Air have an upper hand since they were already hired for composing a soundtrack for the restored version of the film. It was the original score that ultimately got expanded into a full-fledged album.

This record gives Air an opportunity to make their music more artistic and bring in an appeal in their own infamous style. Le Voyage Dans la Lune is an album that’s not too heavy when compared to their previous albums. Whether it’s the rustic elegance to the guitar line in the track “Astronomic Club” or the smooth eeriness that runs through “Decollage”, there’s a lot for you to discover.

The music in the album definitely has an “overall lightness” to it. Asking yourself what tracks of it are “good” is like asking what are good credit cards with cash-back rewards – it’s different for every person.

What truly makes this album unique is its universal applicability, which can be savored by even the “easy go” listener. Organic jams and live instrumentation keep the record from sounding too modern. Between the rhythm and the tempo, there is a certain self-reflective calmness or stillness. The overall simple and lose methodology comes as a breath of fresh air.  

By far, the best thing about this record is that is that even though it has its focus on brevity, it gives the band a chance to explore new horizons. It seems like Méliès fine imagery has acted as an inspiration for Godin and Dunckel and made them delve into the lively side of their personalities. The very side that pushed them to experiment with a remix album in the past.

The duo’s effort to collaborate with Victoria Legrand of Beach House on the track “Seven Stars” works well for the album. However, in other areas, it is a heady yet unsteady combination of half baked ideas, which do manage to make an impact in their own way. At places, you’ll see it as a well stacked collection of uninspired notions without any real direction. However, Air’s music is always mesmerizing enough for you to forgo the weak parts.

In the end, Le Voyage Dans la Lune is real ‘Air’ material that the duo is known for. It just goes on to show their commitment towards excellence. If you’ve been out of touch with Dunckel and Godin’s music, this is exactly what you need to get back to it.

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