Blood & Ink Records have announced they will be releasing the first proper full length from Nashville, TN’s DEPENDENCY, entitled Love Not Wasted and due out November 27th.

“Everything I Once Knew” by DEPENDENCY:

When they originally formed in mid-2009, the members of DEPENDENCY couldn’t predict all that laid on the road ahead of them.   In fact, the band that exists today is fairly far removed from the young group of musicians that came together back then.   While the line-up has stayed mostly consistent, their interests and lives have helped form something entirely their own, shrugging off much of the obvious influences apparent in their debut 2010 EP, Convicted. What DEPENDENCY has become is something of an oddity in today’s musical landscape.   It’s clear they still hold strong to their deeply rooted melodic hardcore roots, worn so boldly on their sleeves in their first few years.   Yet, something entirely new has emerged from within their songwriting, teetering on the brink of punk, hardcore, metal, and rock simultaneously.   The culmination of this evolution is their first proper full length, Love Not Wasted.

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