Clementine & The Galaxy has released a new video for their version of “Heart-Shaped Box”, bringing a gritty pop sensibility to the Nirvana classic. Producer/Guitarist Mike Macallister says of the video, “We sat around brainstorming a direction one afternoon and wound up settling on the idea of the whole thing taking place in a tunnel.

[youtube NKayPhKYPBY]

The tunnel is like an escape route from the ‘Heart Shaped Box’ where we have been trapped. That’s the concept. Problem was how to shoot in a tunnel without putting us and the crew in danger. Solution: we had to build our own tunnel. Julie wound up finding instructions online about building cave walls for sets and that set the process in motion. A few days and many trips to Lowes later we had a tunnel that stretched from one end of Julie’s apartment to the other. Made out of plywood, wire mesh, spray paint and an absolutely epic amount of Big Gap Filler spray foam, the slightly alien-looking set for our video is, in fact, just sitting in a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.”

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