There is never a lack of bands that hail from Brooklyn, but to find the ones that truly matter can be quite a challenge. Your search is now over. Meet INDYNS, the buzzworthy band hailing from New York that may just change everything you know about music.

The group has been taking over the scene with their special brand of fast-paced rock ballads, that are accentuated with an array of synths and unforgettable vocals. Indyns’ music is loaded with hooks, catchy choruses, and genuine emotions that drive each song lyrically. The hard work and clever songwriting of frontman Adam Jones is backed by guitarist Billy Muncy, Dustin E. Coker and bassist Ron Boling. Together they create a sound so mystical, that you won’t believe what you are hearing.

Check out Indyns’ “Fields Lie Fallow”

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