For THE OUTLAWS (@outlawsmusic), it’s not only about the music they’ve made for decades, it’s also about the pride they’ve always put into creating their legacy.   As purely evidenced on their much long-awaited sixth studio album, IT’S ABOUT PRIDE is due out September 25 on Rocket Science Ventures.   “Tomorrow’s Another Night,” the album’s first single, is being serviced to radio on August 20.   The band known for their triple-guitar Rock attack and three-part Country harmonies finally returns to the music scene with their first new studio album since 1994’s DIABLO CANYON (Blues Bureau International).
During the last 40 years, the Southern Rock legends–founding singer/songwriter/guitarist Henry Paul and drummer/songwriter Monte Yoho along with lead guitarist Billy Crain, co-lead guitarist Chris Anderson, keyboardist/vocalist Dave Robbins and bassist/vocalist Randy Threet–have celebrated triumphs, endured tragedies and survived legal nightmares to remain one of the most influential and best-loved bands of the genre.   Now THE OUTLAWS are back with new music, a new focus and an uncompromising new mission:   it’s about a band of brothers bound together by history, harmony and the road.   It’s about a group that respects its own legacy while refusing to be defined by its past.   Most of all, it’s about pride.

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