Jasmine Ash is thrilled to announce the official video release for “Starlight,” which can be viewed exclusively at the Independent Film Channel.   “Starlight” uses gorgeous stop-motion animation to capture the joy and fun of the song, showcasing what Performer Magazine calls Jasmine’s “stunning compositions.” The genius of Jasmine’s songwriting lies in her ability to juxtapose brooding, honest, often dark lyrics, with her sweet voice and catchy melodies.

The video and its concept was created by Tripp and Jenna Watt of Phantasmic TV.   “It took one listen of Jasmine Ash’s ‘Starlight’ for us to fall completely in love with Jasmine and the video project as a whole,” said Tripp and Jenna. “The melodic and upbeat tempo of ‘Starlight’ instantaneously sparked our imaginations and the idea for the video was born. Embracing the warmth of the song, we combined tactile hand-crafted creatures with elaborately designed environments.   The result is a celebration of heartwarming characters, lush backdrops, and beautiful design.”

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