45 Artists teamed with new Music Piracy foundation at February’s Country Radio Seminar, for TV PSA’s to spread the Vital Message to “Download and Share Music Responsibly”.

STMA’s goal is to accomplish what congress and law makers have failed to do thus far, simply to talk face to face with music fans across the nation and ask them to “Please Download and Share Music Responsibly”.

To date, 70+ Artists, Writers, Record Label Executives, Educators, and Copyright Attorney’s, and more, have already endorsed our foundation before receiving any outside funding.   We have come a long way and need your help to finish what so many have signed on to accomplish.   We hope you consider STMA as a worthy cause to sponsor and/or partner with!  

To view both PSA’s and/or our mission documentation please visit:

To artists who kindly donated their time and talents to record PSAs during CRS included:

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