San Francisco hip-hop group 40Love, comprised of emcee/vocalist Miss Haze, rapper G-OFF, and DJ/Producers Mikos and The Whooligan, is excited to announce their new album, Dreams Don’t Sleep. The album, which blends and bends hip-hop, electro, and soul, will be released July 24th. Today, to celebrate the album announcement, 40Love is excited to release the lead single and accompanying video from Dreams Don’t Sleep, “Bout2Bloom.”

[youtube qkzKNb_v7RU]

The name 40Love represents the group’s formation 40 years after the historic Summer Of Love in San Francisco, and the same ideology that inspired that movement manifests throughout Dreams Don’t Sleep, an album the group refer to as “raw and ethereal.” The album took over two years to create and the hard work and long hours paid off. Today, 40Love refers to Dreams Don’t Sleep as their finest, most expertly crafted album yet. “With this album,” says G-OFF, comparing it to the group’s previous LP’s, Advantage and BANGERANG!, “we felt that a slow process would be the best method. Dreams Don’t Sleep is our Sistine Chapel.”


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