Third International, Entre Las Americas

Third International is attempting to bridge the gap between cultures of North America vs. South America on ‘Entre Las Americas’.   By way of politically & socially-conscious music, Third International is shedding some much needed light on all of the problems this world faces.   We can’t possibly fix all the world’s issues but we sure can try our best to knock out as many as possible right now!   With the help of Third International and their latest release ‘Entre Las Americas’, I do feel very confident that real CHANGE can happen and not that fake Obama “CHANGE” you may have heard of.  

“Ellis Island” MP3:

The brains behind this life-changing band is a man by the name of Andrew Pearson who handles vocals, guitars, guitar synthesizers, programming and songwriting.   Rounding out the Internationally-sound group are: Bill Foster on bass, Adrian Harpham on drums and Dave Eggar on cellos for tracks 1 & 3.   The material isn’t the only thing that speaks to the listener; you also have the fine instrumentation.   All eight songs on this album are 100% original with different elements hitting you from all directions.   Right from the start on “Ellis Island” I pick up on melodic vocals all to the tune of peaceful soundscapes.   The style of playing is definitely on the nice ‘n’ subtle side throughout most of the record.   On the song “Baba” you get a cool rock vibe to go along with urgent warnings about US Americans.   Get ready for a bit of a spiritual sense on “Living On The Sun” and then prepare to get a little funky on “Mexico”.  

There is so much hitting you here from the creative use of sound/effects to the deep-in-thought, atmospheric tunes and then throw in powerful messages that can impact this entire planet!   Pretty serious stuff here by Third International but all the while these musicians make it worth your while through catchy & informative numbers.   The appeal factor is there for sure so no need to worry people.   ‘Entre Las Americas’ should not be taken lightly and in turn should be treated as a real eye ‘n’ ear opener.   Either go for CHANGE and watch the Earth grow stronger OR sit back, complain & do nothing and watch this not-so-big planet crumble around US.   The choice is yours but in the meantime Third International serves up ‘Entre Las Americas’ as a solid starting point.  

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4/5]

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