Cool Nutz is excited to release his latest album, The Cook Up. The album, which was originally released through retail this past August is now being made available to fans for free download, via Cool Nutz’ Jus Family Records.

With nine solo albums under his belt and a career that spans nearly 20 years, Cool Nutz has firmly solidified himself as a true ambassador of the Portland hip-hop scene. Despite remaining active within the larger community, The Cook Up was a comeback album, of sorts, for Cool Nutz, who had taken some time off from the studio when his son was born. “I wanted to let fans and my peers know that my oven was still hot and my chef skills were meaner than ever,” says Cool Nutz. “I’m still in the kitchen, cooking up good music.”

With The Cook Up, Cool Nutz kept his collaborations close to home, working with familiar names such as Illmaculate, Bosko, Mikey Vegaz, Maniac Lok, and Potluck. “It was reinvigorating – musically – to work with close associates, making dope music,” remarks Cool Nutz. “It was the rebirth of my serious hunger to get back in and make new music.”

Download The Cook Up album here:

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