KlingerVision, Inc. announced today that it has signed Alan Gampel in order to posture the growth of his performance career in the United States.   After several years abroad and limited engagements enjoying the formative years of his children, Mr. Gampel will return to the stage in the United States in several key cities to be announced shortly.   KlingerVision, Inc. will be responsible for all of Mr. Gampel’s public relations, appearances, and engagements.

After the birth of Alan’s first child, he was inspired to search for innovative ways to introduce music and the arts to young people.   In 2000, Alan created The Joy2Learn Foundation to improve public education by creating and providing high-quality arts content to schools free of charge, via a series of Internet based presentations, using live video and other multimedia elements in an engaging interactive format.   KlingerVision, Inc. will assist with programs with Mr. Gampel for development of the Joy2Learn Foundation.

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