New York-based producer, songwriter and percussionist D. Gookin (aka Mike Birnbaum) is on a mission. Think of it as retaliation against a recession both economic and emotional. While his peers delve ever deeper into sonic murk, Gookin flips life’s unsavory bits into maxed out, genuinely uplifting music.

“Way To Grow” MP3: http://k004.kiwi6.com/hotlink/k838c285ro/way_2_grow.mp3

Combining the adventurousness of modern electronic innovators like Tobacco and Len, his sound is as propulsive as it is melodic and as freewheeling as it is meticulously orchestrated. His first two records-2008s LP How 2 Deal and EP When You’re Lonely Everybody’s a Celebrity (Moodgadget)-are steeped in ’80s electro and Italo Disco and yet oddly melancholic.

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In 2009, Gookin released From Here the Wall of Undoing EP where he took a different tack. He pushed his drums and vocals to the forefront, adopting a psychedelic, rock-driven approach. Meanwhile, he developed his kinetic live show to match, both locally and on the road. In 2011, he returned with Spiral Style, which covers a broad swath of styles while staying true to Gookin’s goal. From the anthemic electronica of opener “Way 2 Grow,” to the beaming optimism of “Spirit Link,” to the chopped chipmunk soul of closer “Stealing Sun Chips,” the Spiral Style EP is a candy-coated feel-good affair that effectively wrings good vibes out of the bad stuff that too often slows us down.


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