Take the raw power of Lenny Kravitz and the sizzle of Marc Antony, throw in a groove that swings from reggae pop/rock and ska to bossa nova, and you’ve got the recipe for a truly international artist: Eli. His music is sincere and heartfelt and as an artist Eli bridges the international gap, bringing world music to the pop market.

[youtube OucuyrdM3kM nolink] Eli’s music doesn’t fit into a tidy description because his songs have grown from real experiences coloured by real people. Human encounters are often unpredictable, sometimes funny and sometimes sobering, but almost always revealing. Eli’s songs are reflective of these truths. His music comes from a place of honesty: Eli sings what he sees and he sings what he feels. As someone who has travelled the world and who has had the opportunity to experience life through a variety of cultural viewpoints, his musical expression is just as much universal as it is diverse.


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