Leigha Van Tiel and Gregory A. Bardasian joined forces to form their latest project called, “My Burden Bore”. They have a unique sound with a mix of male and female vocals that create some outstanding harmonies. These two seem to fit like a glove. The music is a blend of psychedelic moody metal with a smooth ambient sound.

I had the pleasure of speaking with them and asking them a little bit about their journey and how the band was formed. Their first single Love/Hate/Love is a clash of two forces taking you through an emotionally charged toxic relationship.

I asked them to elaborate a little more about it and they replied, “basically it’s about a type of relationship where you are with someone who you know is unhealthy for you, or brings out your bad side, but at the same time you feel helplessly in love with them, and there is that burning feeling of obsession that fools you into believing you could not live your life without them. I think everyone has been in a relationship like that at some point in their life, or will be, where the line between love and hate is razor thin”.

The music itself drives that passion with atmospheric poignancy. The screaming guitars and sound effects awaken a mysterious world. I love the vast array of artistic expression that this band is able to convey. It not only is contagious but entertaining, almost like watching an old Vincent Price horror flick.

I asked them what message they were hoping to convey through their music and Leigha said, “I am not sure we are really hoping to “portray” anything consciously, we are just being ourselves and doing what we like to do. We’re writing music we like, and feel that other people can relate to it as well. It’s really about taking challenging personal situations that we all find ourselves in and exploring them. Looking at them long enough to strip them down to the bare bones in an attempt to find a basic truth or some point to it and hopefully people can relate and find some comfort in what we have to say”.

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Then Greg continued, “We treat each song as if it were a film, or a painting, just as much as it is a song. Everything from the music, the lyrics, the images that accompany it, it’s all meant to be looked at as a whole. We enjoy the challenge of exploring the idea from every angle, and presenting it in a way that hopefully can allow the song to stand out more than just have another song on an another album by yet another new band. We are both individuals, and we want our music to reflect that and for each song to have their own individuality as well.   As for our site, the way we present ourselves is something totally different really from how we present the music. We try to keep it fairly simple when it comes to us. People can interpret that part however they wish. The music however is our main focus”.  

Well I say they have accomplished that with a solid foundation of talent and creativity. All you need to do is visit their website and you’ll be hooked.

My Burden Bore is a new project. Leigha and Gregory came from other bands to pursue something different. They soon discovered their musical compatibility and it proved to be lucky for all us listeners.


I asked them what the future holds for My Burden Bore and Leigha said, “Right now the goal is to do what we are doing right now. To write music we love and believe in and people can relate to and enjoy, and get better at it daily. Once our debut full length album, “La Bella Noir”, is released this November, the goal will be to play a series of shows locally and on the road and to write another album that can surpass anything we can come up with now”.

I loved that answer, “to do what we’re doing now”. These two seem so down to earth and grounded. They have the right ideas that I believe will carry them to the top. They said they did not have any grandiose mentalities they simply love what they do and strive to improve artistically every day. It is refreshing to meet musicians who take their work seriously but know how to have fun with it too.

My Burden Bore is living in the moment and at this moment their riding the wave of success.

Rebecca Hosking –

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