Alex Hirsch, Tick Tock Clock

Alex Hirsch was born a musician. From a very early age the melodies mesmerized him to the point he had to create it himself. He grew up in an environment where it was highly encouraged and he ran with those emotions to create the sound you hear in his music today.

He wears many creative hats from producing to writing as well as, playing a plethora of instruments. He has a unique style that makes his music unmistakably his. It is fascinating to watch him perform as he clearly gets lost in the moment and the music takes over his entire being.

[youtube CVsQ27EYbXM]

He is currently finishing up his latest release, “Tick Tock Clock”. Very much like his previous work the songs are revelations of what was on Hirsch’s mind at the time. His compositions hold a sense of mystery which in return causes intrigue. Personally for me he is very reminiscent of Supertramp, that may be why I like his music so much. He has those jazzy overtones that hook you in, and once you are there, your senses belong to him and begins to dictate every emotion that follows.

It is amazing the inner workings of musicians. Some wear their hearts on their sleeves and some spill it out freely for the world to see. For me, Alex Hirsch is somewhere in the middle. He has a knack for letting it all out and then holding back at the appropriate moments. He is a very clever and talented musician and worth a listen.  

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 4/5]

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