Love him or hate him, what’s undeniable is   Hoodie Allen’s 42k+ twitter followers, 106k+ facebook likes and his millions upon millions of youtube hits. By taking the DIY route Hoodie has single handedly managed to build an impressive legion of fans, achieved through hard work and taking true grassroots approach; extensive touring, interacting heavily via social media, creating clever and engaging content and by sharing his music with fans freely online.

[youtube -mKejQ4oNAI nolink]

He has sold out the main room at Webster Hall and regularly packs 1k+ capacity venues across North America, all by word of mouth and thanks to the dedicated loyalty of his fans across the country. In a business of uncertainty, what Hoodie has respectfully managed to create is a solid community of fans brought together by a mutual love of Hoodie’s music, videos and personal messages to his supporters.

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