The intersection of persistence, perseverance and pure talent is only the starting point for bands emerging in the digital age. For THE COMPOSURE, this mix has fueled a nonstop thrust of power-pop energy from Pittsburgh to the world; a journey that continues for the band on March 13, 2012 with the release of their aptly named EP STAY THE COURSE.
From the band’s first demos hitting Myspace in 2007–which led to the release of debut LP Strings Attached with the help of legendary producers Mark Trombino and Marc McClusky–through non-stop touring alongside everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Allstar Weekend, THE COMPOSURE has blazed a trail of sweet pop-punk that’s layered with infectious rhythm and sugary melody.
And now it’s only fitting that The Composure delivers STAY THE COURSE — their sophomore release — right as the band is doing just that. Overflowing with that signature meld of tight-locked power pop, the EP’s six songs are polished and pure, ready for sing-a-longs and sharing.

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