Fenster has premiered a new video with IFC for “2.7XO17,” a single taken from their debut full-length, Bones, out next week via Morr Music. Directed by Bryn Chainey, “this is the story of 2.7XO17, a robot-child living in the distant nostalgic future (Robots played by Lea & Line Kolditz).

[vimeo 37304500 nolink]

She’s programmed to be an obedient servant, a loyal child, but when her routine is interrupted she realizes that something has gone terribly wrong. From here she must re-assess her place in the world of humans and venture outside.” This week Fenster launches its first ever US tour including five dates in NYC surrounding performances at SXSW ’12. Listen to ‘Oh Canyon’ and ‘White to Red’ off Bones at their Bandcamp.

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