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The planets & stars have aligned once again for Planetary Nights and ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’ to witness it all!   I had the pleasure of reviewing ‘Elliptical Motion’ ( back in 2009, which was the debut studio release from Planetary Nights.   I knew then that this group had major potential and PN certainly did not disappoint on the new release.  

R.J. McSweeney is the man behind Planetary Nights but he has a full lineup of talented guest musicians on the new album including Eric “Roscoe” Ambel who produced the record and played lead guitar.   Singer/Songwriter McSweeney is responsible for writing all the songs on ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’ as well as handling lead vocals & rhythm guitars.  

On this CD, R.J. & his musically-inclined crew are putting rock in a choke hold and not letting go!   Real rock ‘n’ roll music is at the core it all on ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’ while you’ll also hear some pleasant ballads.   The disc still hangs onto that Planetary Nights soul but also incorporates a Pop appeal at times.   You will also experience that patented R.J. McSweeney raspy voice that really just works here.   McSweeney’s voice is downright gritty as hell but that’s what makes Planetary Nights stand out in a good way.   On the opening number “Embers” you will hear R.J.’s distinct tone right away that seems to be a perfect fit.   Following along with the title track you will experience that true rock & roll spirit to go along with a terrific feel and catchy groove.   On the song “Ghosts In My Mind” one will get intimate guitar playing and vocals and then on “Mocha Jaydene” you will want to move along to the very appealing sounds at hand.   On track 12 “Breeze”, you truly sense a free ‘n’ breezy sensation hitting you and on “Infinite Embrace” Planetary Nights closes the show with style & class in what I would call a sincere/genuine approach.

I was really impressed with the exceptional harmonies that I caught throughout the 14-track set, which added a real nice touch to the entire project.   I also loved that real sense of rock ‘n’ roll here that is extremely present on ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’.   There is a great mix of songs here that will keep you involved from beginning to end.   Fast, slow, medium-paced, emotional, fun, soulful…Planetary Nights has got you covered!   I recommend this album to anyone out there and to find out more cool stuff about New York City’s own Planetary Nights SKOPE out  

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 5/5]

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