Towers has been feverishly writing and recording the songs that will appear on his debut album, which he is thinking of calling Jordy Towers Featuring Himself. He’s also finishing up a script for a short film based on several songs from the album, including first single, “Spaceboy Boogie.” “It’s a take-off on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Avatar,” he says. “We’re just clowning on everything. It’s a musical, like Bollywood in the Valley, but on a planet that hasn’t been discovered yet.”


Towers is also looking forward to getting back onstage. “I want everyone to be able to come to my shows, no matter what kind of music they like,” he says. “That’s what great artists do. Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin – they brought people together. Music is the great social equalizer. I want to make great music that’s relatable, catchy as shit, and just lets me flex my skills. This is only the beginning.”

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