British avant pop artist Alexander Tucker is set to return with his latest album Third Mouth due out on May 15th.   Using songs written over a 12 month period he achieves his own inimitable blend of psych rock and ambient pop using a variety of studio crafted effects, rudimentary beats, guitar and bass, as well as synth and cello drones.   Third Mouth sees him exploring new territory with an electronics only track, heading into the deeper reaches of space with science fiction influenced cosmic meditations, as well as experimenting with more progressive song structures.

Alexander Tucker, along with his fellow cohort Daniel Beban, recently released And They Turned Not When They Went under their Imbogodom moniker.   Though Tucker’s solo material is more based in the realm of pop songwriting, those familiar with Imbogodom’s musique concrete/tape loop experiments will also find something to enjoy in Third Mouth and vice versa.


01. A Dried Seahorse
02. The Glass Axe
03. Mullioned View
04. Window Sill
05. Andromeon
06. Amon Hen
07. Third Mouth
08. Sitting in a Bardo Pond
09. Rh

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