Rising Talent Eden Jima Releases “Fragile” on iTunes

A new voice in pop and R&B music is grabbing the attention of the industry, stirring some of the top producers to take interest. Eden Jima, a young yet undoubtedly talented singer, is stepping up her game, making catchy, soulful music that pulls listeners in. This young artist has a promising career in front of her, and as the buzz builds for Eden, she has now released her single, “Fragile” on iTunes!

Unlike many of her musical peers, Eden is a rarely found true talent that sings music that is both catchy and relatable for the listener, always leaving you wanting more. Comparable to some of the best pop vocalists of today, such as Beyonce and Rihanna, Eden has a powerhouse natural singing ability and proves herself to be a versatile artist, capable of tackling difficult songs with ease. Eden’s newest release, “Fragile,” is a powerful dance-worthy tune that showcases Eden’s solid vocal skills and her vibrant performance ability. “Fragile” has recently been snagging Eden some well-deserved attention from critics and fans, and is telling of her incredible potential.

With natural, unquestionable talent and songs that are fun yet easy to relate to, Eden Jima has set herself apart as an artist with true star quality. Be sure to keep looking out for what is to come from this young talent, and check out her latest hit “Fragile,” now available on iTunes!

For more information on Eden Jima check out:www.EdenJima.com




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