It is a song that has the aural sweep of Stairway To Heaven, moving seamlessly from soft to hard rock, from singable melody to jamming lead guitar. In the middle, a message about dealing with loneliness,how to cope when you are feeling like you are where you don’t belong, not quite resolved with the final question, “Why do I want more?”  

Sunday Afternoon 5PM is an extraordinary collaboration between musicians on two continents brought together in February, 2009 by February Album Writing Month (FAWM). Originally, it was just Michael Gutierrez-May’s lyrics that somehow couldn’t be shaped into music by their creator. The story of the small apartment dates back to an emergency move made by Gutierrez-May in September 2008. Michael had failed the vision test while renewing his driver’s license that year and was faced with the prospect of losing his hospital job unless he could move to somewhere within walking distance of that job. He found a place right across the street, a very small apartment which also overlooked a row of trees, a church yard and a tall white Unitarian church whose bells tolled faithfully on the hour every hour.


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