Like a fire that consumes all before it was recorded mostly live with producer Duane Lundy (Jim James, Daniel Martin Moore, Ben Sollee) over a 12 day period at his Lexington, Kentucky studio. The recording process was inspired by Phil Spector era recordings and early twentieth century folk songs and hymns, such as on the compilation Goodbye Babylon; to capture the sound of the space with all of the voices and instruments mixing together. The album’s title is not only a line from The Illiad but also the name of Arcuragi’s favorite Cy Twombly painting.

[youtube LzcmeQjuFHs nolink]

The album was tracked with the rotating cast of musicians that make up The Lupine Chorale Society, with the current installment consisting of Jack Carter, Harrison Barrow, Matt Luyk and Andrew Gerhan. Previous incantations of The Society have included members of the bands War on Drugs, These United States and Rogue Wave.

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