Handling the roles of songwriter and producer, frontman Jim Carroll has dug even further into his Sebadoh/Guided By Voices-influenced home-recording roots for Unicycle Loves You’s latest record, Failure. Due for release on February 14, 2012, their Mecca Lecca debut contains all of the pop sensibility of earlier favorites but with a rawer, more focused sonic palette.

[youtube uMpeVo3eTek nolink]

Loaded with buzzing guitars in the red, highly addictive melodies, and lush boy/girl harmonies, Failure combines the best elements of 90s indie rock and dream pop for a refreshing Pop Art sound. While this may be the band’s heaviest album to date, songs such as “Garbage Dump”, “Sun Comes Out (And I Dont Care)”, “Bitch Eye”, “Piranha” and “Wow Wave Cinema” are also some of their strongest and poppiest moments on record.


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