Jada, Boston’s popular female vocal group, released their latest EP “Supersonique” to iTunes and Amazon.com on January 24th, 2012. Jada’s new five-song EP follows on the heels of their RIO-produced single and Vassili Shields-directed music video “This Party’s On Fire” and two Universal Motown releases, “American Cowboy”, produced by Akon and RedOne (Lady Gaga), and “Break Up Song”, produced by Wayne Wilkins & Andrew Frampton (Britney Spears/Natasha Bedingfield).

The EP, written and produced by RIO of Boston’s Bristol Entertainment, and Jada, contains some of Jada’s favorite songs across multiple music genres, including the hypnotizing dance/pop track, “Supersonique”, “This Party’s On Fire” with its electric house beats, the dark haunting up-tempo, “Mercy Killing”, the poignant mid tempo homage to Ne-Yo, “Can’t Let Go”, and “Goodbye” the emotional/from the heart ballad, showcasing Jada’s vocal virtuosity.


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