We have made it to another Friday and I am ready for the weeekend and the Patriots vs Ravens game. In order to not offend readers in the DC area I will not mention my love for the Pats. Instead I will get into my guest for today by the name of Ro Gizz aka Black Blago. I got into Ro Gizz after hearing his single “Checkin That Check.” There is alot that I like about Ro Gizz but one thing is his music hustle is the real deal. He handles all his music, marketing, promo, & distribution like a major. His new album ‘Ro Gizz vs Black Blago’ is out now on I-Tunes and its got that hip hop sound that I crave. Join us as Ro Gizz talks about the album, his alter-ego, what kind of women he keeps around, and much more! Stop SOPA!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how are you feeling about 2012?

Black Blago: M-I-YA-YO, baby!   I’m feeling great about 2012. It’s an election year, and my campaign is in full swing. I’m using my mouthpiece to pimp a profit wherever I can, and the movement will continue straight ahead. I got new contracts on the table and plenty of friends in high places who owe me favors so I couldn’t be happier.

Stoli: Do you believe that the Mayans are correct about 12/21 and the end of the world?

Black Blago: Nah man! Sound like some broke people who have yet to realize the “American Dream”. If I was broke with no hope, I’d want the world to end too. I don’t worry ‘bout that foolishness. My focus is getting money and strategizing so I stay rich and fly.

Stoli: How did you really get into music as more than a hobby and get the alias RoGizz aka Black Blago?

Black Blago: RoGizz is my alter ego. He’s a lame who refuses to believe this country and political system functions totally off private handshakes and six-figure checks.   His whole way of existence is adverse to my pimp blood. I could be prepping a prime stallion for my stable and showing her the mountaintop while he wanna tell her she beautiful and cater to her every wish. I’m working on limiting his outbursts cause he’s like the inverse to a pimp’s platform but it’s all a work in progress. As for the music, I always had a way with diction. I know how to inspire thugs to get bread so that’s what I have always rapped about.

Stoli: Your new album is out now ‘RoGizz vs Black Blago.’ How long were you writing & recording that album and who did you work with on the beats?

Black Blago: Not long, maybe 1-2 months. RoGizz took a little longer with his songs from the album because they are all emotional and weak minded. My process is to pull up a cold beat, have a glass of hennessy and just speak from my heart.   Ain’t no love in this game. You’re either gonna be a pimp or a hoe in this world. If you like to get chop, by all means please don’t be the hoe! The production was handled by some great beatmakers: Sherm, Tony Baines, Streety Wonder, S.C. and Tree.

Stoli: I am really feeling your single “Checkin That Check.” What is that song about and wil there be a video?

Black Blago: I want to shoot a visual for that soon. It’ll probably get done in Atlanta or Miami. The song is self explanatory. I’m always keeping my eyes on them racks. It’s about a lifestyle that other hustlers and political pimps should aspire to. Check out how Rick Ross does his flow.   He knows what it is.   Everyday I’m tryna check for a check.

Stoli: When you are writing lyrics hwo much of your real life do you put into your music and what gets you creative (liquor, kush, ladies, etc)?

Black Blago: My music is 100 percent authentic because it is my real life. I enjoy a stiff drink and a cigar every once in a while, but I don’t need those things to write. I’m always focused when it comes to business so writing music about my ideals comes naturally.

Stoli: I love how you always got fine ladies around you. What kind of woman is your type and do you ever see yourself settling down?

Black Blago: Those are Blago’s girls. They assist me on the campaign trail.   Fine women are a key asset in any political race. I enjoy having a strong stable of loyal business associates. Marriage ain’t for me. It would take a pimp out of his comfort zone.   I could never endear myself to that type of financial arrangement anyways.

Stoli: Being that you live in IL, where do you like to go out in Chicago and perform and/or party?

Black Blago: I move around a lot so I’m not in Illinois very much. When I’m there, I like to hit the hood bars. I like to campaign from the corner store to the Congress Parkway. I explain to lames how to truly pimp the government.   But, I also let them watch me as I make moves, network with big wigs and establish payoffs.   Playin’ it like a video game, beybee!!

Stoli: You have been putting out music for a while now and you do it your own way for your fans. Explain how you are making the hip hop game work for you without a major?

Black Blago: You have to grind to shine. You have to diversify your portfolio everyday. Shake hands, kiss babies, send emails, write blogs, all of that. If you don’t have a good staff supporting you, it won’t work being independent. The game is to be sold not told.   If your tabernacle has any value, you should always be able to pimp a profit somewhere.   Chuuuch on da move!!

Stoli: What is coming up for you & where you at online & the new album?

Black Blago: New music, music videos, movies, book deals, etc. I want my congregation to be fully immersed in my pimp aesthetic.   For 2012, the goal is to travel the globe showcasing my master manipulation techniques. You gotta get dat scrilla one trick at a time. You can’t be skipping steps and missing your targets.   Most of the squares out here are hustling backwards.   You can cop my new album “Rogizz vs. Black Blago” on Itunes and Amazon.   Actually for the right amount of cheddar, a playa can hand deliver it to your residence too.   For more info about me and that busta RoGizz, check out his website at:

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