Julie Clark Shubert, From the Inside Out

It all began on Julie Clark Shubert’s 50th birthday when she unwrapped a Fender Stratocaster — a gift from her husband of over thirty years.   Schubert had never touched a guitar nor was it her intention to craft a full studio album but strumming some strings has been on her bucket list for a long time coming. The gift was inspirational and soon singer-songwriter, Julie Clark Shubert, wrote, performed, and produced her first studio album — “From the Inside Out.”

The twelve-tracks compile a true rock-pop album. The first track, “I Wish You Well,” is pop-driven with a catchy chorus and playful guitar. Shubert’s voice is low and commanding, enhancing the nostalgic feel of the lyrics. The following track, “I Make the Coffee,” is certainly one of the most popular singles from the album. Reminiscent in voice to Stevie Nicks, Shubert sings a raw ballad for the oft-neglected work of women in the home while maintaining the pop element, upbeat and catchy in beat and chorus. My personal favorite is the third track of the album, “Mary, Mary,” where the prior pop-driven pieces are interrupted by a softer voiced Shubert, a haunting cello and Spanish-style classical guitar. The variation in instrumentation and the change in cadence and mood are welcomed and attest to Shubert’s ability and range. Another notable track would be “The Change,” a true battle cry of menopause — vulnerable but powerful contextually and musically. Lyrically, Shubert encourages her peers to “sweat it out/ scream it out/ cry it out” and the song comes to a close with a raging guitar and a raging scream. “The Change” reflects rawness in her songwriting and a range in her voice and persona — her ability to morph from soft to hard.

You can check out the “From the Inside Out” for yourself at www.allthingsjulie.com. Julie Clark Shubert has a great story, a lot to say, and a strong and varied voice with which to speak. It’s definitely surprising that she picked up her first guitar but a few years ago but that can only mean that there should be a promising second studio album in the works.

Check out more of Julie Clark Shubert’s, “From the Inside Out” at   www.allthingsjulie.com

Marion Bradford – bradford.marion@gmail.com

[Rating: 3/5]

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