On January 16th, Splash.FM, a new website for social music discovery, will officially launch its first iteration in Private Beta, which will be made available to press, industry tastemakers and a select group of college testers on an invite-only basis. Splash.FM will be the smartest, most social and rewarding way to discover and experience music.
Co-founded by Jason Fiedler and Alex Gatof, the idea for Splash.FM was born when Jason was driving back to college and by accident took his brother’s iPod. He discovered new songs and artists his brother had been listening to, but couldn’t find an easy way to remember, download, and share what he had discovered. Jason immediately called Alex, and the two began to explore a better way to approach music discovery based on the notion that nothing is more powerful than a friend-sourced endorsement when it comes to new music.
Six months later, the framework for Splash.FM was born. Essentially, the site allows users to “Splash” (i.e. share) the songs they love, and follow friends, artists and tastemakers to stay on top of the music they are “Splashing.” Splash.FM aggregates all of the “Splash” activity of those you follow into a “Billboard” like chart called the Splashboard.


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