Ray William Roldan and the Broke Fence, Where We Come From

Ray William Roldan is a Jersey boy that was encouraged to put his talents to use at a very young age. He has been singing and playing for a long time and his CD, “Where We Come From” is a nice display of that experience.

Ray is certainly a jack of all trades having joined the Navy at the age of 17 then becoming a fireman, auto mechanic, welder and the list goes on and on; ultimately leading him to his true passion for music. He has taken his life experiences and detailed them with every guitar lick and lyric wrapped in an intriguing package. This CD is as entertaining as it is oozing with talent.

In this day and age where country music is not all that country anymore, here comes Ray bringing us back to the good ol’ days. It is an edgy alternative to top 40 country you are used to hearing splashed all over the radio.   Ray is well equipped with a full on twang and boom chucka melodies that makes country music, “country”.

This CD is well produced with a full band vibe. Ray certainly has a knack for well written details that put you right in the moment. The country genre is a story telling genre in my opinion and Ray has some compelling ditties. “Where We Come From”, makes me smile and appreciate a lost genre. Ray William Roldan continues to put his best foot forward and is currently working on another CD scheduled for release in early 2012, I for one will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Rebecca Hosking – rebeccah@skopemag.com

[Rating: 4/5]

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