It was a whirlwind 2010 for the 22-year old MillionYoung, who is known in his everyday life as Mike Diaz.   After self-releasing the “Sunndreamm” e.p. for free at the end of 2009, Diaz released the”Be So True” e.p. to much critical acclaim, including an iTunes Digital Download and a 7.6 from Pitchfork.

[youtube F02xWxVqj5g nolink]

Throughout 2010, MillionYoung toured the Midwest and East Coast multiple times, including several shows during SXSW and CMJ, with Brooklyln Vegan covering his sets in NYC. MillionYoung finally hit the West Coast in December, recording sessions for KEXP, Daytrotter and Yours Truly along the way.   Having spent the year developing his live show, MillionYoung now plays with a dynamic full set-up, including a bassist, drummer, and Diaz himself on keys and guitar.

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