Turbotronics’ calls their debut album “Love Slave”   “an electro powerpop gem”. They compare themselves to Joy Division, Prince, Electric Six and the Doors. They are well known for their unique music videos including “Crush” “International” that was shot in flight on an airplane and for a dark number “Mind Fuck” as well as a their recent   “Corporate Lady”which premiered on MTVU and won Best Music Video.[youtube RvvnViIOqIE nolink]

I really enjoy the originality and cleverness of this band.   With their hard pounding, sometimes alittle shocking script and sound, Turbotronics is reaching for new boundaries and creativity.
When I asked the band to tell me about themselves this was their reply:
“When electric impulses for sex in public are fused with three dollar sunglasses and a beat, then you have Turbotronics. We are inspired by desire and laughter. And as we play and sing and pose, we are overcome with heartbreak, joy and the will to please. So be still – I love you”  
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