In their video for “Tired Eyes” from their album Modern Hearts, viewers are entertained by a heart-felt story line. The main character of the video represents one every day person (just like you and me), and it is obvious that he is missing a good number of people whom he loves. The video bounces between this bewildered soul and the band performing their song “Tired Eyes.”

[youtube gvXjWiR6W14 nolink]

What will captivate you most is the chorus of the song, where it is clear that the main point is to make us realize that we hide ourselves behind a mask every day. What we see, what we feel, and what we believe is all per ­ceived from behind our masks, and the lyrics of this song personify these definitions in a dark and luring manner. The lyrics and power of this video will pull at the strings of your heart in such tender ways, but it will still rock your face off. The subtlety of the vocals enhances the meaning of the song, and it will guide you to a place of mysterious unknown.

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