They say that life is a journey, but what if you allow yourself to be a passenger for awhile, enjoying the view from your train car and watching the changes the trip makes in you? This is what the powerfully voiced purveyor of cinematic folk, kayln rock, invites listeners to do on her aptly titled debut, Passenger which was co-produced by Josh Cohen (Golden Bloom, Stroamata, Guster).

MP3: “Alex The Great”: SKOPE IT HERE!

On Passenger, rock renders all the changes love can bring, from enjoying the way a new crush makes you feel to accepting that your love may be unrequited, with the clarity of someone who has reflected on these topics frequently. The songs on Passenger, delivered with the power of Florence + The Machine and the fragility of Laura Gibson, feel ripped out of rock’s poetic, poignant diary. From the full palette of romantic love, she paints emotional landscapes of the joy, heartbreak, insecurity and fun relationships can bring. “Passenger is about a journey through oneself through the vehicle of relationships,” says rock. “Attempted romance. It’s about making choices, and although knowing that you have the power to make your own choices puts you in the driver’s seat, you can still become the passenger, even in your own life, so easily, when things go unplanned”. Passenger will be released on January 10, 2012.


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