DIRTY, Sangria and Potpourri

Dirty a.k.a DI is a Dallas born rapper who has traveled a lot, learned more through those travels and is now here with his new CD, “Sangria and Potpourri”. Here I am not a huge fan of rap or hip hop, so I’m thinking, bad luck for this guy. But let me make the most of this and keep an open mind. I grabbed some sangria sipped on my drink and started to listen.

Dirty snuck into my head with ease and caught me by surprise. Right away I felt the CD was appropriately titled. Sangria and potpourri are two very atmospheric words that paint an elegant picture. Now he has my attention. Each song is smooth and suave. I quickly lost any reservations I was having before the music started. This CD is slick, with a decorous vibe. I know it sounds a little strange describing a guy who is named Dirty as being debonair and sophisticated but listen to the CD and you’ll know what I mean.

My favorite song on the CD is, “Neva Coming Down”. Reason being is because this particular song seems to dictate the mood. It defines what rap should be all about. It is fun but moderately slow tempo that spills out across the room and owns it. It has a rhythm that rocks and is, as the song says, GENIUS.

Well thank you Dirty for opening my ears to a world of music I have been missing out on. “Sangria and Potpourri” is a piece of art. Dirty has an amazing talent for writing and rapping. I see big things in his future and it is most certainly deserving. Nice work!

Rebecca Hosking – hoskingrebecca@gmail.com

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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